Simon Fradette
Director General
Shared Services Canada
Quebec City, Québec


In an ascent through the ranks of the federal public service that began in 1998, Simon has shown great flair in guiding various transformative projects and directing major operating units. The delight he takes in travel and discovery has led him to live and work in various parts of the country, strengthening his affection for Canada. In this way, he has developed extensive knowledge of the country and has built a broad and diversified network of contacts. The proud father of three daughters, Simon is striving to ensure that they share his passions and his interest in linguistic duality, with the great wealth this confers.

Just months before the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the country, he took on a position as Director General at Shared Services Canada that put him in charge of delivering information technology services at the regional level across Canada, except for the Ottawa-Gatineau area.