The Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference was created to broaden the perspectives of future leaders in business, unions and public administration so that their decisions are based on a practical understanding of the influence of their organizations on the general welfare of the community.

The mission of the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference is to:

  • Improve decision-making abilities among young leaders likely to occupy high level positions in the near future;
  • Facilitate a more progressive era of interaction between leaders from business, labour, government and the broader community; and
  • Broaden understanding of Canada.

Members of the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference come from different regions of Canada, different perspectives and different careers. All members share one thing in common: they are high potential individuals expected to achieve senior leadership positions in their organizations and communities.

The Canadian leadership conferences began in 1983 as a means to help build Canada. They involve a unique process of examination, debate and discovery designed to broaden perspectives and enhance the leadership qualities of members.

The Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference is designed to pack the most intense experiences of life in Canadian industry and community into a unique two-week event.

Members typically are managers and officials drawn from business, labour, professional and government positions as well as from academia, community and voluntary groups, and the cultural sector. They will have acquired considerable knowledge and experience and an appreciation of the economic and social conditions impacting on their community and Canada as a whole.

Members are also expected to have a capacity for leadership; to be able to contribute to the effective working of a group; to have strong interpersonal skills; to be able to undertake the program travel schedule, and to have a genuine interest in the overall theme and topics of the Conference.