The GGCLC Alumni App Lets You
Stay Connected Wherever You Are


We are pleased to introduce the new GGCLC Alumni App – a mobile connection that puts GGCLC news and contact information at your fingertips


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Apple iPhone X Alumni App

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Alumni App

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Key Features

  • Alumni directory

    Search and find fellow alumni from across the country.

  • Alumni events

    Discover alumni events that are happening across the country, and stay informed about the next Conference.

  • Newsfeed

    Share stories, information and photos. Debate key issues with other alumni.

  • Update your contact information on My Profile

    Ensure your contact information is up to date on “My Profile” and determine what contact information you want to share with other alumni.




How to Get Started

The instructions below will show you exactly how to install and get started with the GGCLC Alumni App.


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iOS App Store link

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Google App Store link


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The app is available for download at Google Play and the App Store – clicking on the buttons above will take you directly to the download site.
IMPORTANT LOGIN INFORMATION: Your personal email has been set as the default for your username. If this does not work, try your business email. Contact if you have login problems.
Your temporary password has been sent to you via email. It is good for 30 days only. Please create your own password in “My Profile” as soon as possible.


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Once you are logged in, please update your personal contact information in “My Profile”. You will choose there whether to let other alumni have access to your personal and/or business email and your personal and/or business phone. The other contact information in “My Profile” will be used exclusively by the Sonference Secretariat to maintain the confidential internal records – please make sure the Secretariat has your mailing address and other information requested.
If you want GGCLC alerts and notifications based on your location, make sure you click “Allow” at the prompt when you first use the application. This setting can be changed at any time.



This is a new app and will be updated and improved based on Alumni feedback. Please contact with suggestions, problems and comments.