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Elizabeth Fretheim's Portrait

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Elizabeth Fretheim develops and manages the sustainability strategy for the U.S. Logistics Division of Walmart. This includes the evaluation, implementation and communication of a broad scope of diverse sustainability initiatives for over 170 distribution centres and the fourth largest private trucking fleet in the United States (over 6,000 vehicles, 7,000 drivers and 61,000 trailers).

Elizabeth plays a central role in helping Walmart meet its sustainability goals of doubling fleet efficiency by 2015 as well as decreasing its energy intensity (kWh/sqft) by 20% and increasing renewable energy by 7 billion kWh by 2020 (enough to power 620,000 average size homes).

Elizabeth began her career in Calgary working for the ATCO Group of Companies in business development for their technology, facility management and power generation companies. This included such diverse projects as military facility and radar operations, a multibillion dollar hydro electric project and the design-build of the Creeburn Lake Lodge, a workforce hotel joint venture with the Fort McKay in Fort McMurray.

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Through her work in the remote northern regions of Canada with First Nations, she gained an interest and appreciation for the criticality of sustainability for business.

At Walmart she is engaged in several industry working groups focused on lessening the environmental impact of supply chains including BSR’s Future of Fuels, the EPA Ports Workgroup and the Sustainability Consortium’s Logistics Committee.

Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary, was the 2013 Green Biz Verge 25 award winner for her work in creating smarter supply chains, and is a 2008 alumnus of the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference.

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