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Kahina Oudjehani's Portrait

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Kahina Oudjehani joined Bombardier Aerospace in 2008 as an Environmental Specialist. She started the Design for Environment journey on the CSeries program and successfully influenced employees and suppliers to embrace the Bombardier’s environmental strategy where, the full environmental lifecycle impact is assessed for thousands of parts of the aircraft, including every nut and bolt. As a result, the CSeries at entry into service will come equipped with something no other plane has – the world’s first Environmental Product Declaration for an entire aircraft.

Early in 2011, Kahina was promoted to the position of EcoDesign Lead for the whole company where she is responsible, along with her team for integrating environmental concerns in the product design and producing environmental product declarations for any new aircraft. The team won 2 awards in 2013 and 2014 recognizing the excellence of Bombardier in its corporate responsibility and its Design for Environment approach.

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Kahina received a Master’s degree (M.A.Sc.) in Chemical Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal in 2001 and a Bachelor’s degree in the same field in 1997. She has cumulative experience of 15 years in different areas of environmental management (research, soil remediation, telecommunication, consulting and aerospace).

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