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Emad Rizkalla's Portrait

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As President and CEO of Bluedrop Performance Learning, Emad is recognized as one of North America’s pioneers and leaders in eLearning, entrepreneurship and corporate leadership. He co-founded his first company in 1992 as a young engineering student. His third company, Bluedrop Performance Learning, was spun out in 2004 with a mission to revolutionize workplace training. Emad was honoured as one of Canada’s “Top 40 Under 40″ before he was 30 and later featured in a TIME Magazine cover story as one of eight “Young Dynamic Entrepreneurs Who Will Create the 21st Century.”

Emad is a published author and has written numerous articles for publications in training, management and workforce development. Most recently, his thoughts on leadership have been published in the critically acclaimed Inside the Minds series of books featuring insights from leading business thinkers worldwide.

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Emad has been an active member of many national committees and task forces. He has chaired several not-for-profit boards and sits on an advisory Board for the National Research Council. In 2013, he was honored with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Memorial University.

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