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Bob Oliver's Portrait

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Under Bob’s leadership, Pollution Probe has undergone both an organizational and operational transformation, positioning it at the leading edge of transportation and energy policy.

Bob acts as an independent source of transportation policy advice for industry and federal, provincial and municipal governments, and has provided valuable input to the Government of Canada’s regulations to limit greenhouse gas emissions from light- and heavy-duty vehicles.

Among Bob’s publications is the popular Primer on Automobile Fuel Efficiency and Emissions, targeted at helping Canadians to understand and appreciate fuel-saving vehicle technologies and take action to reduce emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases. Bob also spearheaded Pollution Probe’s recent work on energy systems literacy, beginning with the development of the seminal Primer on Energy Systems in Canada, which the Canadian Council of Chief Executives describes as “one of the first attempts to give Canadians a comprehensive picture of Canada’s energy system, its many inter-related parts and the impact of individual energy choices.”

Bob led Pollution Probe’s work on low-carbon fuel standards, designed to assist the Government of British Columbia in determining its next steps in this complex policy area. Bob was also a Canadian member of the advisory group for the Secretariat of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation in the development of recommendations for a North American integrated sustainable freight transportation strategy.

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Based on the findings and recommendations of Pollution Probe’s cross-Canada consultation on energy literacy, Bob and his team have launched Energy Exchange – a new operating division of Pollution Probe designed to measurably improve energy systems awareness and understanding among Canadians through a range of innovative and integrated learning experiences.

Before joining Pollution Probe as a project manager, Bob was an energy efficiency analyst at Marbek Resource Consultants and an engineer at Cintas Canada Limited, where he managed industrial-scale projects and developed and implemented energy efficiency strategies.

Bob is a professional engineer and has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Carleton University.

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